5 reviews for What Would Dick Butkus Do He Would Crash You

  1. Mario Kutch

    A great read for football fans. Butkus’ no-nonsense approach to life is inspiring and entertaining.

  2. Miss Libby Metz DVM

    A must-read for any football fan. Butkus’ no-nonsense approach to the game will leave you inspired and ready to take on any challenge!

  3. Krystal Carroll

    Great book! An interesting look at the life of Dick Butkus and how it shaped his career. A must read for any football fan.

  4. Floy Orn

    A must-read for any fan of football! Dick Butkus’ hard-hitting style will leave you inspired and motivated. A great read!

  5. Camren Parisian

    A classic sports book with a humorous take on the life of Dick Butkus. A must-read for any fan!

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