5 reviews for What Slurs Can I Say If I Have Encephalitis T-Shirt

  1. Austin Pagac

    Funny and creative t-shirt that brings awareness to a serious condition. Great gift for someone with encephalitis.

  2. Jaylen Friesen

    A great t-shirt for those with Encephalitis! A humorous way to bring awareness to a serious condition.

  3. Reta Lueilwitz

    This t-shirt is a great way to show support for those with encephalitis. It’s a funny and clever way to spread awareness of this condition.

  4. Mrs. Nina Ernser

    Funny and thought-provoking! A must-have for anyone with Encephalitis.

  5. Nannie Champlin

    Great shirt for those with encephalitis! Fun and informative.

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