5 reviews for Undefeated Ohio State Beat Purdue Rossade Stadium Go Bucks T-Shirt

  1. Johnnie Vandervort

    Go Bucks! Ohio State took home another W at Ross-Ade Stadium, defeating Purdue in an undefeated season. Get your T-shirt and celebrate the victory!

  2. Nona Smith

    A great win for the Buckeyes! Ohio State was undefeated against Purdue, and the Rossade Stadium crowd was electric. Go Bucks!

  3. Josiane Torphy

    Ohio State put on a show in Ross-Ade Stadium, beating Purdue with an undefeated record. Go Bucks!

  4. Domenic Carroll

    An amazing game! Ohio State won and the atmosphere in Rossade Stadium was electric. Go Bucks!

  5. Emie Goyette

    A great game for Ohio State fans! The Buckeyes put on a show at Ross-Ade Stadium and earned the win. Go Bucks!

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