5 reviews for If It’s Not My Smart Mouth Getting Me In Trouble It’s My Facial Expressions There Is No Winning T-Shirt

  1. Mr. Kevon Doyle I

    Fun and quirky design that perfectly captures the feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Perfect for anyone who struggles with their words or emotions!

  2. Elian Zieme

    Fun and witty! A great way to express your personality.

  3. Dewitt Rodriguez

    This shirt is a great way to express the struggles of having a smart mouth! A must-have for sarcastic people.

  4. Muriel Pfeffer

    Great shirt! Perfect for anyone who’s ever been in trouble for saying too much or not being able to hide their feelings.

  5. Jordyn Dare PhD

    A funny and relatable t-shirt for anyone who speaks their mind and wears their heart on their sleeve!

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