5 reviews for Desmond Howard Wearing Guestroom Records T-Shirt

  1. Kira Rodriguez

    Great style! Desmond looks great in his Guestroom Records T-Shirt.

  2. Delia Breitenberg

    Great look! Desmond looks great in Guestroom Records’ t-shirt.

  3. Daniella Bayer

    Desmond Howard rocks Guestroom Records’ T-shirt! Cool style and great fit.

  4. Dr. Jayda Hettinger Jr.

    A great look for any Desmond Howard fan! The Guestroom Records T-shirt is stylish and comfortable.

  5. Rosalinda Veum

    A great look for Desmond Howard! The Guestroom Records T-Shirt is a stylish way to show off his love for music.

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