5 reviews for Aterciopelados September 23 Rocking Baja Festival Ensenada, Bc Tour 2023 Poster T-Shirt

  1. Adrian Lehner I

    A great design for fans of Aterciopelados! Perfect for the upcoming Rocking Baja Festival.

  2. Lempi McCullough

    Awesome T-shirt for Aterciopelados fans! Perfect for the upcoming tour in Ensenada, BC. Don’t miss out!

  3. Luciano Cormier V

    Aterciopelados rocked the Baja Festival! Get your Tour 2023 Poster T-Shirt and show off your fandom.

  4. Mr. Jason Hahn

    Aterciopelados puts on an amazing show! Rock the Baja Festival with them in 2023!

  5. Dovie Metz

    Aterciopelados’ 2023 tour T-shirt is a must-have for any fan! Great design, perfect for the upcoming Rocking Baja Festival in Ensenada.

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