5 reviews for The 311 Band Wave Wichita Ks September 30 2023 Poster T-Shirt

  1. Melba Mayert I

    A great way to show your support for the 311 Band’s Wave Wichita Ks show on September 30, 2023. Get this awesome poster t-shirt!

  2. Santino Schuster DDS

    This 311 Band Wave Wichita KS poster t-shirt is perfect for any fan of the band! Great design and quality. Highly recommended!

  3. Prof. Rosamond Haley DDS

    This 311 Band t-shirt is a great way to commemorate their Wave Wichita Ks show in 2023. Great design and quality!

  4. Wilson Gleichner

    A must-have for 311 fans! Great design on the t-shirt and poster – perfect for the Wave Wichita Ks show September 30 2023.

  5. Kaylah Windler

    Awesome design! Perfect for any 311 fan! Love the colors and artwork.

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