5 reviews for Meeting Tilda Swinton Wearing A Tilda Swinton T-Shirt

  1. Vena Murazik

    Fantastic! A must-do for any Tilda Swinton fan.

  2. Nat Ritchie

    Amazing experience! Tilda is an icon and wearing her own t-shirt was a great way to show it.

  3. Sonia Herman

    An amazing experience! Tilda was so friendly and the t-shirt was a great memento.

  4. Ms. Lue Beahan

    Incredible! Meeting Tilda Swinton wearing a T-shirt with her face on it was an unforgettable experience.

  5. Jamel Schiller

    Was A Dream Come True

    An unforgettable experience! Meeting Tilda Swinton wearing a Tilda Swinton t-shirt was a dream come true.

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